The Fellowship of the Pen

Digital Content Strategy and Social Media Account Management 

The Fellowship of the Pen is a creative writing group in Kitchener-Waterloo Region that has been active since 2013. The group meets weekly to write, socialize, and provide writing critique.

For the past year, the Fellowship was looking to expand their membership and brand awareness with the support of social platforms. Most of the current members have joined due to word of mouth, and the Fellowship hopes to attract more members this way although online.

To achieve this goal, I've been running an ongoing organic social calendar since January 1, 2019. The Fellowship is active on three social platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Each platform posts original content from blog posts to writing prompts. All of the organic posts are designed to provide value and support to all writers locally and globally.  


While I've created and shared original content for the Fellowship on all of these channels, I have also created an automated email welcome series through MailChimp. Now, new members will receive a series of 3 emails to welcome them to the Fellowship. After their initial welcoming, members will receive monthly newsletters that details meeting dates, new updates, and blog posts that have been written and shared by other Fellowship members. I have run the first monthly newsletter email campaign, and had a 57.7% open rate, and a 19.2% click through rate.

Check out all of my formal documents, website, and social platforms to see a comprehensive account of my work on this project:


Co-created website to establish who we are and what we're about.

Social Content Calendar

Developed calendar to organize posting schedule for all social platforms.


With over 400 followers and counting, our Twitter account takes a global social content approach with sharing our blogs, writing prompts, videos, and community engagement with writers around the world.

Email Newsletter

Each month, 30 subscribed members receive an email newsletter detailing upcoming meeting dates, announcements, and news.


With over 220 followers and counting, our Instagram account focuses primarily on writing prompts and encourgement with original photography.

Video Treatments

Developed Video Treatments to create various video content that will be shared across our social channels.

Blogging Guideline

Created guidelines to be shared with Fellowship members who contribute to the blog in order to maintain consistency with brand voice and content.


Our Facebook page targets a local group of writers to remind them of upcoming writing meetings, writing contents, and sharing our blog posts.