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The Waterloo Public Library's "More Books Please!" Blog is a platform where all staff members can  write content about their favourite new books or movie releases that are featured in the library's collections. The objective of each blog post is to promote library collections and/or services with an accessible yet knowledgeable tone.


I've been contributing content to the WPL's "More Books Please!" blog since August 2018. I've written content about not only books and media, but also the services of the library. For the past couple decades, libraries have transformed their purpose from being a place of cataloguing books and knowledge to becoming community spaces. Therefore, it was important to me to not only promote the tangible collections the library offers, but also promote the vast selection of programs and services the library provides as well.


In 2018, my blog post "Back to Reading" was the second most read blog in 2018. Please review my archive with the link below to see my work. 

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